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Cinthia Martinez-Dudley, '02
Millbrook Houses

Cinthia Martinez-Dudley
Cinthia was born in Honduras and when she was nine years old her family decided to move to the United States. She has lived in the Millbrook Houses, in the Bronx, since she was nine years old. Cinthia attended John F Kennedy High school and graduated in 2002. After high school she went to Manhattanvile College in Purchase, NY. Currently, Cinthia attends Albany Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and is working on her nursing degree. She is very thankful for this wonderful scholarship and all the people that she has met.

Olisa Christian, '03
Edenwald Houses

Olisa Christian
Although moving to the Edenwald Housing Projects in 1997 was a major move for Olisa and her family, one thing that always stayed consistent was the importance of education no matter where they went. Olisa began high school at Evander Childs in 1999 where, after a routine visit to the school's College Advisor in 2003, she was introduced to the Juanita James Scholarship Foundation. That same year, she became one of the two recipients of the scholarship and started her freshman year at Baruch College in the Fall. In 2006, after completing a major in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Psychology, she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Not entirely sure of the career she wanted to pursue, Olisa made up her mind to go to graduate school and was accepted to her alma mater for the Fall 2007 semester. Although it was a challenging journey, Olisa graduated with a Master of Business Administration in June 2009. In July 2009, Olisa began working as a freelance Web Consultant. She was hired by the Juanita James Scholarship Foundation to design, develop and manage this website and hopes it will be the start of a very successful and rewarding career. In January 2010, Olisa began working at Professional Business College teaching a variety of college-level business courses. Although it is a great challenge, Olisa is very grateful for the opportunity to work with students and to impress upon them the importance of education.

Shaquaisa Spears, '04
Gun Hill Houses

Shaquaisa Spears
Born and raised in Gun Hill Houses in the Bronx, NY, Shaquaisa Spears has experienced her shares of trials and tribulations. However, despite all of her experiences, she managed to graduate from SUNY Purchase College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The second to obtain a post-secondary degree in her family, following behind her eldest sister, Shaquaisa beat the odds and stereotypes placed against her simply because she was a young African-American female raised in the projects. Shaquaisa has always had a strong desire to work with adolescents because she felt that she could be a great role model and show youth that you can always overcome obstacles if you remain determined and resilient. Her experiences as a resident assistant and mentor have led her to a career working with adolescents aging out of the foster care system. Currently, Shaquaisa is an Educational Counselor at Goddard Riverside Community Center and will continue her education in January 2011 at John Jay College to receive a Master of Public Administration. Shaquaisa is grateful that the JJMSF and Dr. Patricia Jordan recognizes the strength that underprivileged youth hold. The scholarship has helped many youth, including Shaquaisa, achieve their scholastic endeavors and become more proactive in their communities.

Norma David, '05
Butler Houses

Norma David
Norma David, one of the two 2005 recipients of the Juanita James Memorial Foundation scholarship, has lived in the Butler Housing Projects for approximately twenty years. She attended Grace Dodge Vocational High School and majored in Cosmetology. As her senior year approached, she knew that going to college and pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Nursing was something she wanted to do. One day while sitting and chatting with her College Advisor, she noticed a paper sticking out from the mountain of papers she always had. It was a flyer for the Juanita James Memorial Scholarship explaining the requirements and monetary award received for each year of college. Although she initially thought that living in the projects could not possibly be a real requirement for the scholarship, she soon realized how real it was. She became a recipient in 2005 and in 2009 graduated from The College of New Rochelle with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. On August 21, 2009, Norma took the State Board examination and passed. Although she intends to continue her education in the future, she is looking forward to establishing herself in her new career. Along with the college expenses the Foundation has aided in reducing during her time at CNR, Norma is most grateful for the new family she's gained from the entire experience.

Tiffany Martin, '05
Soundview Houses

Tiffany Martin
At the age of 11, Tiffany Martin started the sixth grade and moved into Soundview Houses with her family. Having a strong interest in education, Tiffany did not let the move affect her academics and managed to excel in middle school. In 2001, Tiffany entered Health Opportunities Secondary School where she stayed for one year and then transferred to The Frederick Douglass Academy (F.D.A.), after meeting the principal in the Upward Bound Program at Fordham University. In 2005, Tiffany graduated as one of the top 10 students in her class and was the recipient of several scholarships, including the Juanita James Memorial Scholarship which helped her during her journey at Colby College in Central Maine. Tiffany majored in African-American studies with a minor in Anthropology and studied African studies in Cape Town, South Africa for six months during her junior year. In 2009, she graduated with distinction and is currently a New York City Teaching Fellow working as a fifth grade special education teacher at an elementary school in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. Tiffany is also pursuing a Master's degree in special education with Teacher U at Hunter College and looks forward to what the future may hold for her.

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