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Tyreen Sims, '06
Boston Secor Houses

Tyreen Sims
Tyreen Sims is a Bronx native from the Butler and Boston Secor Housing projects. From childhood she always dreamed of going away to college and coming home to help her community. When she graduated from the Frederick Douglass Academy in 2006 she was accepted to Gettysburg College where she majored in psychology. During her college career she participated in many service projects, from tutoring to handing out clothes to the homeless in Washington D.C, as well as spending a semester abroad in Egypt to study Arabic and Egyptology. Upon her graduation in May of 2010 Tyreen began to pursue her career in Clinical Psychology with a focus in educating minority children in the public school system. She is currently working as a student advocate at the Harlem Children Zone where she is actively inside the schools working one on one with children to help them to excel academically and socially. One thing she says the projects has taught her is that you must always dream big, and when those dream come to reality you must go back and help someone else make their dreams come true.

Paul Anthony White, '07
Throggs Neck Houses

Paul White
Paul resides in the Throggs Neck Housing in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx. Continually questioning life's simplicities and intricacies, Paul found that education could be his primary avenue to find the answers. During his time in high school, Paul participated in several programs to supplement his learning experience. Specifically, he attend a summer program at Fordham University and a leadership development and academic enrichment program known as Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA). He sacrificed his summers and weekends to further challenge himself. Ultimately, Paul was rewarded for his effort. He was granted admission to his top-choice university: the University of Pennsylvania. Currently he majors in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), an interdisciplinary major. Graduated University of Pennsylvania,Cum Laude 2011 He is currently attending NYU School of Law, J.D. Candidate 2016. Presently, though, he continues to question and search for the answers.

Olufemi Watson, '09
Pelham Parkway Houses

Olufemi Watson
Olufemi J. Watson, better known as Femi, became a member of the Juanita James Memorial Scholarship family in 2009. She was born and raised in the Bronx, and presently calls the Pelham Parkway Housing Projects home, and has for the past 12 years. She is a graduate, as of June of 2009, of the Frederick Douglass Academy I in Harlem. Femi is the oldest of three children and is the first to go to college. It was at Frederick Douglass where her college advisor Ms. Turay gave her a scholarship application for the Juanita James Memorial Scholarship. She quickly filled it out and found out soon that she was a finalist and soon after that she was one of two winners.

Femi is presently in her sophomore year at the University of Rochester. She had decided to take advantage of her schools, option to create her own major. She has decided that since she is on a Pre-Medical Studies track that she would like to focus on Journalism in the context of Medicine. Her Interdepartmental Major would join the criteria from the English department's Journalism minor and a variety of courses from the Public Health department in the concentration of Bioethics. Femi plans to call it Journalistic Writing in Medicine. She is in the process of writing her proposal and working toward getting it approved before the end of her sophomore year in May of 2011.

Olufemi plans to do all four years of her undergraduate studies at University of Rochester and graduate with a B.A. in the Interdepartmental Major she is working to create. She then hopes to come back to the city to study medicine at the Columbia Medical School.

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